History and Clients

Why We Started Pharmaceutical Websites

The Problem: In the early 2000’s, we were launching our own biotech companies and hired non-scientific web designers to build our websites.  This created numerous problems, including:

  • constant explanation of the science to non-scientific web designers, and
  • delays in website changes, as we were dependent on the web designers to make changes which often took weeks.

We quickly realized a demand for web designers to have life science expertise, and train the clients to manage their own sites.

Our Start: We then immersed ourselves in website design tactics and took control of our own sites.  The results were better performing sites being built in a fraction of the time.

Our results became quickly noticed by other biotech companies in the pharmaceutical industry, who requested we build and customize their sites owing to our medical and scientific backgrounds.  With a growing demand for our expertise and techniques, we now have formed Pharmaceutical Websites to expand our services to the life science community.

Existing Problem

There are many good website designers, but few have scientific expertise.  Clients spend precious time educating web designers about their technology, which results in delays, inefficiency, mistakes and frustration.

Our Solution

The integration of scientific expertise with website design skills produces efficiency and effectiveness.  This results in accelerating site construction, and a site which is optimized for increasing quality traffic.

CROs and Labs

Our team has worked with several Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and diagnostic laboratories in the areas of pre-clinical research, lab animal medicine, infectious diseases, bio-analytical services, and veterinary clinical trials.

Medical Sites

We have worked with a variety of medical organizations, including physicians, veterinary hospitals, and building sites for medical research and information.

Start-Up Companies

Our team has built numerous sites for start-up companies concerning medical devices, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, biologics, and other areas in the life sciences sector.

Our Expertise

Website Design

Website Content and Optimization

We have over 12 years of website design experience, and focus on keyword and key phrase analysis concerning a client’s technology or service.  This unique advantage allows us to identify the optimal terms to integrate into the site.

Layout and Customization

We provide a tailored approach to site layout and functionality to meet the needs of the client.  We then structure the sitemap, images, permalinks, and other aspects of the site reach the scientific community and audience.

Scientific Expertise

Basic Science

Our team has diverse expertise in various areas of basic sciences and methodology, including genetics, laboratory methods, peptide chemistry, pharmacokinetics, ADME, microbiology, clinical pathology, and other areas relative to basic science.

Translational Medicine

We also have clinical practice and translational research expertise, in areas such as cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, dermatology, immunology, internal medicine, and other areas of comparative and clinical research.

About our Founder

Craig Woods started his career as a small animal veterinarian.  He then spent over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, starting his own companies and holding various senior level positions in business development, research and regulatory affairs.  Dr. Woods is now in academia, where he directs human and veterinary clinical trials.

Dr. Woods obtained his BS (biology), MS (veterinary anatomy), and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Missouri, and his MBA (logistics and international business) from Arizona State University.  He has also completed undergraduate and graduate fellowships in genetics and cellular biology, and is a licensed veterinarian in Arizona.

Dr. Woods has conducted comparative and translational research in various areas, including  orthopedics, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, dermatology, infectious disease, and regenerative medicine.  Craig has presented numerous scientific abstracts at national and international meetings, and published in Journal of Rheumatology, Toxicon, and Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.